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instead of proclaiming that every girl in the world is sexy no matter what why don’t we start talking about how it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re sexy because sex appeal is irrelevant and is used as a tool for male dominance


New analysis published today by Labour shows that some 360,000 more women are overdue to be screened for cervical cancer compared to three years ago, as women struggle to book check-ups at their local GP surgery at convenient times.

Despite cervical screening saving around 5,000 lives every…

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Regina Spektor | Samson

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i love how “lmao” has evolved over the years from a genuine expression of mirth to the modern symbol of wet, unemphatic amusement; the mere ghost of an emotion, reflecting the journey of modern youth from innocent naievete to hardened apathy lmao

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Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue

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