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jitterbug into my heart


yea dude I drink a lot. Drink at parties all the time. yea you heard right, 9 capri suns. 9. in 45 minuets.

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i can’t stand yeats at all this is so painful

Youtubers tweeting about Sam Peppers video

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i could lie here forever


i could lie here forever

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Tulip Fields - Vincent van Gogh


Tulip Fields - Vincent van Gogh


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why is my mama so damn weird i just walked into the kitchen and everyone stopped talking so i held out my phone for my brother to read something and she was like i’m reading the tv guide to see what’s on and i was like ok cool 2 secs and she was like. you are so rude. honestly i cannot stand living with you you are just a horrible person. n dad was like that’s quite extreme?? n she was like no it’s true i hate it. ???????????? please can she not i don’t understand why she flips on me like this all the time

praecantatorius replied to your post “uhh i just realised that video is RT so maybe a pinch of salt but yeah…”

I always assumed that most people knew that the colonisation of the US was a horrible buisness and didn’t really help the natives…… guess not

yes obvs but the level of development and culture is consistently misrepresented. we definitely were never taught about it, and tbh i doubt the american education system goes into much detail.

uhh i just realised that video is RT so maybe a pinch of salt but yeah interesting topic which should definitely be looked into more

Tips for hanging out with some good looking boys???


they’re probably really boring so make sure your phones fully charged

the new iOS keyboard is weird huh how does it work


New Protest MVP Candidate! Get it girl! #staywoke #farfromover #thefutureisbright

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Jurassic Park passes the Bechdel test because all the dinos are female and the 2 raptors in the kitchen communicate with each other. Discuss

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grandma celebrates 80th birthday in paris: four twenties blaze it


predators literally love sex positivity and are the main supporters of it i just cant stress this enough obviously it started out with good intentions but its such an easy thing for evil manipulative people to latch onto and have people think theyre doing things under the guise of sexual freedom

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